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In the hustle and bustle of the construction world, keeping tabs on your crew's whereabouts is crucial. Those-old sign-in sheets and manual bookkeeping? Well, they're as useful as a screen door on a submarine. But here's the good news – our top-notch Construction Management Software is here to make your life easier. Packed with features like geofencing capabilities and versatile sign-in/out features, Plexa is built to streamline your operations and give your project efficiencies to keep you focused on building.

Construction Site Attendance App
Plexa's Construction Site Attendance App for IOS an Android

Wrapping Your Head Around Sign-In/Out in Construction:

What's this Sign-In/Out all about?

Signing in and out is a fundamental part of running a construction site. It's all about formally ticking off who's starting their day on-site and who's knocking off at the end. Why? Because it keeps everyone accountable, ticks the safety compliance box, and makes sure your records are accurate.

Why's it so Important?

Safety First: Proper sign-in/out procedures are the backbone of a safe and compliant construction site. Knowing who's on-site when you're dealing with emergencies or need to round everyone up.

Smart Resource Juggling: Accurate attendance records help you juggle your resources like a pro. With real-time insights into who's where, project managers can plan tasks and manage programs.

No Fudging the Numbers: Sign-in/out procedures aren't just about ticking boxes. They give you a transparent record of hours worked, making payday a breeze and helping you keep tabs on project costs.

Top-Notch Features for 'A' Grade Construction Site Management:

Geofencing Magic:

Our software uses top-of-the-line geofencing tech to set virtual boundaries around your construction site. This means your crew can only sign in or out when they're within the site boundaries.No more guesswork, just accurate records where it counts.

Kiosk Mode for On-Site Ease:

Kiosk Mode is the go-to for on-site ease.Your workers can sign in or out using a dedicated terminal at the site entrance, no extra gear required. It's keep things smooth and efficient.

Manual Sign-In/Out Freedom:

We get it – sometimes you need to mix it up. That's why our software lets your crew manually sign in/out, handy for when they're working remotely or just a bit outside the geofenced area.

See What's Happening Right Now:

Our software gives you the lowdown on your on-site action in real-time. Project managers can understand who's where, track movements, and make decisions with eyes wide open.

Accuracy and Compliance on Point:

Geofencing means no possibilities with false sign-ins or outs. It's a game-changer for getting your attendance records spot on and keeping the safety and labour law crew happy.

Less Paperwork, Keep focused:

Automating your sign-in/out game cuts down on the paperwork headache. With our software, you can get back to the real work and leave the admin stuff in the dust.

Extra Security for the Win:

Geofencing adds a layer of security, making sure your workers are on-site when they're clocking in or out. Perfect for high-security and high profile projects.

In a nutshell, our Construction Management Software is all about change. It's not just a tool – it's a fully capable software platform crafted to boost your construction site management game. With top-notch geofencing and sign-in/out features, we're here to help you nail efficiency, safety, and accountability in one fell swoop. Embrace the future of construction management – where every sign-in and out is a step closer to project success.

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