Manage tens of thousands of documents

Email Collaboration

Enhance construction project communications with our specialized Email module. Experience seamless organization, streamlined tasks, and tailored templates designed for the construction industry.

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Unified Inbox

Manage emails from multiple accounts in one unified platform, ensuring you never miss crucial project communications. Easily categorize and prioritize messages for efficient response times.

Email Type-based Categorization

Organize your emails based on construction projects, ensuring that all communications related to a specific project are easily accessible. Say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and lengthy search times.

Automated Email Templates

Utilize industry-specific templates for frequent communications like project updates, payment reminders, or safety notices. Ensure consistency, professionalism, and time-saving with every send.

Transmittals and Submittals

Easily send, manage, preview, transmittals and submittals. Access attachments like blueprints, contracts, or images directly from your email interface. No need to download or open separate applications.

Integrated Task & Reminder System

Turn emails into actionable tasks or set reminders for follow-ups. Ensure that every email leads to a tangible next step, ensuring project momentum.

Advanced Search & Auditing

Effortlessly locate specific emails or attachments with a robust search function. Use custom tagging for further refinement, ensuring you always have essential communications at your fingertips.