How Plexa Redefines Inductions and SWMS

In the construction industry, safety isn't just a priority;it's a non-negotiable standard. With Plexa, our innovative approach to SafeWork Method Statements (SWMS) and site inductions revolutionises how workers understand and adhere to safety protocols.

Streamlined SWMS Management Plexa's SWMS module simplifies the process for builders and contractors. Builders can upload SWMS, which undergo a thorough review process. They have the authority to approve, decline, and digitally sign these statements, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Plexa SWMS Module
Plexa SWMS Review Process
Plexa SWMS Approval

Efficient Site Inductions When contractors step onto the site, Plexa's QR code scanning feature seamlessly integrates them into the induction process. By allocating themselves to a specific contractor organisation, they gain access to the relevant SWMS, which they must read and sign, guaranteeing their understanding of safety protocols.

Plexa QR Code Induction Process

Transparent Records Plexa doesn't just stop at inductions; it maintains a comprehensive record of each worker's induction date and the documents they've signed. This transparency ensures that every worker is aware of their responsibilities and has committed to following safety guidelines.

Plexa Personnel SWMS Signature

Interactive Tools Beyond SWMS and inductions, Plexa offers builders the flexibility to allocate presentations and forms during inspections. This interactive approach engages workers directly, reinforcing their understanding of safety measures and empowering them to contribute actively to a secure working environment.

Plexa Induction Documents

Visual Confirmation One of Plexa's standout features is the visual confirmation of workers' commitment to safety. Their digital signatures within SWMS serve as tangible proof that they have not only read but also agreed to abide by safety protocols, creating a culture of accountability and diligence.

Conclusion Plexa's integration of SWMS management, inductions, and interactive tools sets a new standard for safety in construction. By ensuring that workers are well-informed and actively engaged in safety processes, Plexa paves the way for a safer and more productive industry.

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