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One Construction Management Application

Plexa offers a all in one suite of construction management services that are designed to streamline workflows, improve communication and collaboration, and increase efficiency and productivity. With Plexa, construction professionals can expect excellence in every aspect of project management, from best project management software for construction to planning and budgeting to scheduling and execution.

Explore Plexa's Suite of Services:

We've developed a comprehensive suite of services designed to make your construction work easier, smoother, and more efficient.

Web-based construction management software is the future, and Plexa is leading the way.

One platform
Tender Lifecycle Automation
Tender Comparison
Tender Negotiation & Clarifications
Construction Management
Document Management
Email & Correspondence
Field & Defect Management
Tasks & Workflow
Project Completion (Handover)
BIM Viewer
Construction Accounting
Full Construction Accounting
Construction Budgets
Finance & Invoice Automation
Subcontractor & Supplier Invoicing
Accounts Payable / Recievables
Safety (WHS) & Site Management
Safety (WHS)
Site Management, Personnel and Equipment tracking
Site Quality Control
Site Diary
Inspection Test Points (ITPs)
Quality Inspection Points (QTPs)
Reporting & Dashboarding
Real-time Dashboarding
Real-time Reporting
Best in class analytics across the entire construction lifecycle
Custom Reporting and Analytics

Tendering Software

Plexa's tendering software automates and accelerates your tendering process, helping you secure projects faster and more efficiently. Say goodbye to manual bidding and embrace a future where your bids stand out from the competition.

Plexa construction tendering software
Construction Management

Software for Construction Site Management

Plexa the construction site management software is built for speed and ease of use. Manage your entire construction project lifecycle with cutting-edge technology that automates manual processes. Whether it's project planning, execution, or monitoring, Plexa has you covered.

Plexa construction management and communication software

Construction Accounting & Finance Software

Take control of your construction project accounting with Plexa's all-in-one solution. Link your accounting processes directly to project budgets and milestones, ensuring financial transparency for all parties involved. Managing your construction finances has never been simpler.

Plexa construction finance and accounting software
Quality & Safety

Safety (HSEQ) Software

Plexa integrates safety and quality assurance seamlessly. Manage all aspects of your construction site, including safety protocols, inspection test plans, equipment tracking, and more. With Plexa, you'll maintain the highest standards effortlessly.

Plexa construction finance and accounting software
Document Control

Document Control & Transmittals


The fastest and more user friendly Document Control Software ever built. General Contractors (GC) and Contractors can easily manage Project Documents, Transmittals and Submittals using our state of the art workflow features.

Construction Document Control software