Manage tens of thousands of documents

Contracts Administration

Navigate the complexities of construction contracts with ease using our Contracts Administration module. Tailored for the industry, it ensures swift, compliant, and collaborative contract management from inception to closeout.

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Digital Contract Creation & Templates

Draft contracts seamlessly using industry-standard templates. Customize clauses as needed, ensuring compliance and specificity to every project's unique needs.

Version Control & Audit Trails

Track changes and revisions to contracts, ensuring clarity on amendments and negotiations. Every alteration is logged, providing clear accountability and transparency.

Convert Winning Tender Returnable Schedules into Agreement

Expedite contract finalization with integrated electronic signature capabilities. Securely sign and store contracts, accelerating project initiation times.

Contract Milestone & Payment Tracking:

Monitor project milestones tied to payment schedules. Receive automated notifications for upcoming or overdue payments, ensuring timely financial transactions.

Automated Compliance Checks

Ensure all contracts adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements. Reduce risks by ensuring every agreement is compliant from the outset.

Collaborative Review & Commenting

Facilitate multi-party reviews with in-document commenting. Streamline feedback and approvals, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned