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Safety (WHS) Management

Safety (WHS) software for managing workplace health and safety initiatives. It facilitates the organization and tracking of safety protocols, incident reporting, and risk assessments to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Document Control Software

Connects stakeholders to manage communication, design, correspondence and documentation during the course of a project through to completion and close out with our cloud based document management system and email platform.

Tendering & Negotiation

Worlds first and most innovative tendering portal has arrived! Manage and track the process from tendering through to negotiation and contract award. All within one place designed for one purpose. To keep you focused on what matters and not the workload.

Budget & Financial Management

Manage and control your projects costs, budgets and progress payments all in one place. Get real time insights into your budgeting cash flows every step of the way. View your project financials, manage subcontractor invoices & progress payments.

Defects & Handover

Efficiently manage defects with our virtual defects tracking and managing board that you can use on the go.
Our innovative and world first handover module will take the load off your workload so you can focus on actually handing over.
Automation at its finest and when you need it.

Safety (WHS) Software


A central end to end workflow of all your workplace WHS and Site Safety procedures.


Manage safety risks both via our web solution and mobile solutions including permits, Chemicals, Injuries and more.


Report and visual all safety datapoints for improveddecision making.

Document Control

Cloud based document management system.

Upload, store, manage, edit and share documents with stakeholders with a project. Our dedicated and editable folder structure will ensure that documentation is controlled in an orderly fashion.

Dedicated email platform.

Keep communication in house with your own email platform to ensure that all correspondence remains in one place.

Workflow & Design Development.

Manage design development and coordination by efficiently creating RFI's and tasks, assigning them to a user with a due date so you stay one step ahead everytime. Visualize your development and coordinate better with our own dedicated BIM viewer.


Issue tender packages with ease.

Within a few clicks, issue tender packages to subcontractors. Efficiency is key.

Manage RFI's, addendums & submissions in one place.

All within one place designed for one purpose. To keep you focused on what matters and not the workload.

World's first subcontractor comparison & negotiation module.

Innovation at its finest. Automate the process of subcontractor comparisons and negotiations with the Plexa platform.

Budget &
Financial Management


Manage and control your projects costs by setting up your budget, cost codes, let value and live link to finance to track your expenditure. With our provided analytics always be one step ahead.


Manage subcontracts, receive, review & approve invoices & variations all in one place.


Control your financial position.

Defects &Handover

Diligently manage defects.

Create, manage, track and close out defects faster than any other system in the market.

Handover manuals with a single click of a button.

O&M Manuals are now automated. With the click of a button generate an O&M manual for client issue.

Completion made easy.

Project completion should be a proud moment not a rushed one. With Plexa, we give you just that.

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