Manage tens of thousands of documents

Inspection Test Plans

Dive deep into construction inspections with our unmatched ITP software. Tailored for the construction market, we intertwine stringent compliance with next-gen technology, ensuring impeccable quality and streamlined proceedings.

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Intuitive Test Plan Templates

Leverage predefined ITP templates compliant with USA construction standards. Effortlessly create test plans while adhering to local regulations and best practices.

Digital Signature & Approval Workflows

Via our mobile APP, streamline the validation process with electronic signatures. Implement multi-tiered approval workflows, ensuring each ITP receives thorough scrutiny before being actioned.

Integrated Documentation and Attachments

Affix photos, videos, and related documents directly within the ITP. Showcase detailed evidence, elucidate specifics, or add auxiliary content for exhaustive inspections and tests.

Cloud-Based Test Result Archive

Audit made easy. Preserve all test findings in a fortified cloud storage. Retrieve legacy data, cross-refer previous inspections, and guarantee traceability for each testing activity.

Real-Time Collaboration & Review

Foster seamless team collaboration on ITPs. Offer role-based access, collate feedback, and integrate suggestions instantly from contractors, inspectors, and project managers

Analytics & Reporting

Produce comprehensive reports detailing test results, upcoming inspections, and adherence rates. Harness analytics to pinpoint repetitive concerns and potential enhancement areas.