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Site Safety (WHS) Software

Embrace unparalleled safety standards with our state-of-the-art Site Safety (WHS) features. Merging advanced technology with essential practices, we guarantee a safer, compliant, and efficient construction environment.

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Digital SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements)

Easily create, access, and update SWMS on-the-go. Ensure every task on the site has an associated and approved SWMS, improving the safety framework and facilitating compliance.

Digital Safety Inductions

Streamline new worker orientations with digital inductions, allowing them to familiarize themselves with site-specific safety protocols and the project environment before stepping onsite.

SDS (Safety Data Sheets) Management

Maintain a digital library of SDS for all hazardous chemicals onsite. Provide instant access to critical safety information, ensuring the safe handling, storage, and disposal of dangerous substances.

AI-Powered Hazard Identification

Utilize AI-driven analytics to predict potential hazards based on site conditions, past incidents, and similar project data. Proactively address these risks before they escalate, ensuring worker safety.

Incident Reporting & Analysis

Allow workers to report incidents easily through voice commands or quick form fills. Use data analytics to find patterns, root causes, and implement preventive measures. Track and report on lost time for compensation claims.

Digital Equipment Checklist

Introduce digital checklists for machinery and equipment, ensuring they're in optimal condition before use. This reduces the chances of malfunctions that could lead to accidents and ensures all safety protocols related to equipment are met.