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Site Management Software

Enhance construction site productivity and transparency with our Site Management solutions. Embrace digital inductions, equipment tracking, and detailed site diaries for a cohesive project approach

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Digital Inductions for Personnel

Onboard new staff seamlessly with digital inductions. Provide necessary training materials, videos, and quizzes to ensure every team member is aligned with project expectations and guidelines.

Permit Management & Approval

Centralize permit applications, reviews, and approvals. Receive notifications for permit expirations and ensure all on-site activities are compliant with local regulations.

Geofenced Site Access (Signin / Signout)

Real-time geofencing to automatically log personnel in when they enter the site boundary and log them out when they leave, reducing manual entry errors and ensuring accurate attendance records. Technology includes use of QR codes and Ipad Kiosk for manual site access.

Toolbox Talk Meetings

Organize and schedule regular toolbox talk meetings. Maintain a record of topics discussed, attendees, and follow-up actions, promoting open communication and continuous learning on-site.

Site Photos & Progress Timeline

Upload, categorize, and annotate site photos in real-time. Use photos for progress reports, stakeholder updates, or to address specific site challenges, ensuring a visual record of site evolution.

Digital Site Diary

Maintain a digital site diary to log daily activities, weather conditions, staff attendance, and more. Make entries accessible to relevant stakeholders for transparent project tracking.