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BIM Modeling Software for Modern Construction

Experience a paradigm shift in construction planning with our BIM Modeling platform. Marrying innovative technology with practical insights, we empower architects, planners, and stakeholders to envisage and execute projects with unmatched precision.

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Super Fast 3D Visualization & Interaction

Transform architectural ideas into lifelike 3D models. Interact with these models in real-time, allowing for better planning, design decisions, and stakeholder presentations. Available on our mobile and ipad Apps.

4D Scheduling Integration

Integrate construction sequencing and timelines directly into your BIM model. Visualize project progress over time and foresee potential schedule clashes.

5D Cost Estimation

Embed real-time cost data within BIM components. Simulate different scenarios to understand cost implications, aiding in budget allocation and financial planning

Clash Detection & Resolution

Automatically identify spatial conflicts between various elements like structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), and more. Resolve clashes before they turn into on-site issues.

Model-Based Quantity Takeoff

Generate accurate quantity takeoffs directly from the BIM model, reducing errors and speeding up the estimation process.

Cloud-Based Collaboration & Sharing

While onsite and via your ipad, allow team members, clients, and stakeholders to view, interact with, and provide feedback on BIM models from any device, anywhere. Streamline decision-making and foster real-time collaboration.