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Defects Management for Construction

Navigate construction challenges with precision using our Defects Management software. Engineered for excellence, we bring clarity to defect identification and resolution, driving project quality to new heights.

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Visual Defect Tracking via Mobile APP

Simplify defect identification with an intuitive interface, allowing users to tag and annotate photos, pinpointing exact defect locations on site blueprints or images.

Real-time Collaboration & Notifications

Keep all stakeholders in the loop. Instantly notify contractors, site managers, and clients when defects are identified, updated, or resolved.

Prioritization & Severity Ranking

Categorize defects based on their severity, ensuring urgent issues are addressed immediately, while others are scheduled for resolution.

Digital Repair Workflows & Sign-offs

Streamline the remediation process. Assign repairs, track their progress, and secure digital sign-offs upon completion, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Integrated Cost Estimation

Assess the financial implications of each defect. Offer an integrated tool for estimations, helping project managers to allocate resources and budget effectively.

Defect Trends & Analytics

Unlock powerful insights with built-in analytics. Track defect trends over time, understand common problem areas, and develop strategies to mitigate future issues.