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Construction Reporting Software

Cutting edge construction reporting with our all-encompassing dashboarding software. By integrating every module and discipline into a singular view, we deliver unparalleled clarity, driving projects to success with informed, timely insights.

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Unified Reporting Platform (IMS)

Seamlessly consolidate data from all modules, from BIM to O&M, providing an integrated view of project health, progress, and key metrics.

Dynamic Dashboards

Customize dashboards to showcase relevant KPIs, allowing stakeholders to glean insights at a glance. Drag-and-drop widgets enable users to personalize views as per their role and needs.

Cross-Module Analytics

Dive deep into data intersections, such as comparing tender submissions, run project financial reports and invoice payout progress with actual site construction or juxtaposing budgeted costs from the contracts module with real-time expenses.

Real-Time Data Reflection

Ensure all displayed construction data is up-to-the-minute, enabling decisions based on real-time insights rather than outdated information.

Collaborative Annotation & Feedback

Allow team members to annotate reports, highlight concerns, or share commendations directly on the dashboard, promoting collaborative review and decision-making.

Automated Reporting & Alerts

Schedule automated project reports to be sent to designated stakeholders at chosen intervals. Plus, set alerts for specific metrics or thresholds to ensure prompt attention to critical areas