Construction Document Control

In the realm of construction management, effective document control is paramount. Plexa stands out by offering a comprehensive suite of features that streamline document management and enhance collaboration.

Customisable Folder Structure and Naming Conventions: Plexa empowers users to create their folder structures, ensuring that documents are organised intuitively. Moreover, users can set up document naming conventions, guaranteeing consistency and ease of retrieval.

Plexa's Customisable Folder Structure for Document Control

Powerful Search and Indexing: With Plexa, finding theright document is a breeze. Our system indexes every file, allowing users tosearch for keywords, phrases, or specific words within documents. Searchresults are displayed within the document, providing context and efficiency.

Plexa Intelligent Search Capability

Complete Document History and Supersede Tracking: Plexa maintains a detailed history of all documents, including previous versions. Users can access and download previous versions, and the system displays supersede history, indicating who made changes and when. This transparency ensures accountability and accuracy in document management.

Plexa Document Control Audit History

Robust Document Comparison and Markups: Plexa offers advanced features like PDF overlay, side-by-side PDF comparison, and markup tools. These functionalities empower users to review and annotate documents collaboratively, enhancing accuracy and communication.

Plexa Document Control Markup Tools
Plexa Document Control PDF Overlay

Matrix-Based Document Transmittals: Document transmittals are streamlined through Plexa's matrix system. Users can track who received which documents, ensuring accountability and transparency. Plex generates transmittal cover pages with downloadable links, simplifying the sharing process.

Plexa Document Control Transmittal

Integration with Workflows: Documents seamlessly integrate with workflows in Plexa. Users can initiate workflows directly from documents, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

Instant Document Registers: With a single click, Plex generates instant document registers, providing a summary of all documents created, associated workflows, and status updates. This feature streamlines record-keeping and ensures compliance with project requirements.

Plexa Document Control Register

Conclusion: Plexa's robust document control features redefine construction management. From customisable folder structures to powerful search capabilities, comprehensive document histories, and seamless workflow integration, Plexa empowers users to manage documents efficiently and collaborate effectively, setting a new standard in construction document management.

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