Revolutionary Site Safety and Construction Quality Monitoring

One of the hardest parts of the Construction Lifecycle is managing all the moving parts and processes. Day to day, site teams need to track, manage and try to automate every aspect of their onsite operations, from site opening to daily duties, site safety, site diaries, and construction quality management. Some processes are project related and some processes are regulatory requirements. The challenge faced is how can site teams manage the lifecycle in an ultra efficient way applying technology as an enabler of efficiency.

Plexa’s Site Management capabilities encompasses seven main categories, empowering users across the globe to oversee every facet of a construction projects operation seamlessly:

The 7 Categories needed to effectively manage onsite processes are listed below. Each of these categories are broken down into lower level capabilities further down in this article.

  1. Safety Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Site Diary
  4. Site Photos
  5. Bulletins
  6. Meetings & Inspections
  7. Forms

Safety Management

Plexa’s Safety Management enables users to manage onsite activities in a seamless manner which covers all aspects from who is onsite (site sign on/sign off), what is onsite activities and Safe work method statements (SWMS) aka Job Safety and Environment Analysis (JSEA) .

Management of organisations — Know who is onsite every step of the way, ensure insurances and licences are up to date and have a single point of contact for every organisation. Plexa allows your site management staff or contractors to register their INDUCTION onsite, provide all licence and insurance details, provide an oversight of what previous projects are/have been involved in and manage all personnel associated with a single click.

Plexa Safety Management Software

Management of personnel — Track and manage inductions, personnel information, medical history and track a record of every personnel involved in every one of your site activities. Manage sign on and sign off times, licences and background of your workforce.

Construction Induction Management Software

Equipment and Plant — Plexa’s equipment and plant board helps you plan and track your inventory by having a record of what equipment are onsite, when it was floated and manage the condition, service history and associated activities and personnel throughout the lifecycle of a projects onsite activities.

Construction equipment register

Permits — The Plexa Platform gives you the tools and the resources to have complete oversight of activities on your projects. A dedicated board to receive, approve and track the progress of permits throughout the course of onsite activities. Know where the permit is for what personnel are involved, equipment, SDS & associated SWMS with each permit in a single screen.

SDS — Plexa allows you to manage all your onsite chemicals and hazardous chemicals through our SDS (Safety Data Sheets) feature where users can track and manage what is onsite, duration onsite, associated personnel, equipment, injury (if applicable) and Safety Methods Document. When the unexpected happens, Plexa’s QR code technology allows you to scan a single QR code and have all safety data sheets, spill procedures and maintenance records needed.

Construction Chemical software

SWMS — The pinnacle of safety management. SWMS also known as JSEA. Plexa delivers an innovative and automated approach for both Head Contractors and Sub-Contractors to manage safety online.. Receive, submit, review, approve, sign and manage your safe work method statements all in one place. Plexa gives users the flexibility and the automation the industry has been asking for.

Safe Work Methods Statement Software

Injuries — Injuries should never happen onsite. But with Plexa, when the unexpected happens, we give you the tools and resources to ensure that processes are followed. With Plexas in depth injury process manage what happened, who it happened to, tag witnesses, equipment and plant, SDS, permits and manage the return-to-work workflows. Plexa brings world first and world class innovation to your site.

Construction Site Worker Injury Workflow

Incidents — Whether a near miss, environmental, safety or quality incidents, Plexa’s revolutionary software covers all basis and records all incidents. Automatically create an injury and observation from a single injury.

Observations — Whether good or bad, Plexa gives your site management workforce an interactive and user friendly board to create, assign, manage and close out observations.

SMPs — aka Site Management Plans. Have complete transparency and oversight of all site processes, requirements, management plans and protocols. Upload and execute SMP’s with 2 clicks.

Quality Management

Quality Management, arguably one of the most crucial and important site management procedures currently. Plexa has completely revolutionised the industry by digitalising quality management plans, Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and Inspection Test Checklists (ITCs). Experience a completely streamlined and integrated platform.

Plexa’s sync the entire site management module, quality management, meetings and inspections all in one place. The benefit of this is we give our users the complete flexibility to link ITPs to meetings, inspections, site photos, site diary, submittals, document control, correspondence and even to closed out observations and workflows. We have listened and delivered.

Experience the world first digitised quality management platform in Plexa. Create an ITPs and a ITC, assign users, assign the acceptance criteria, references, records, digitally sign and close off.

Plexa Construction Quality Software for managing ITPs and ITC, inspection test plans
ITPs and ITCS Software

Site Photos

Nothing shows progress better than site photos, that’s why we have given our users the feature to snap, save, tag and file your progress. Never lose photos again with our innovative tags that you can assign to each progress photo. Effortlessly attach a tag to a photo, equipment, permit or SDS to any photo that you upload to keep your site organised and under control. Clients of Head Contractors can easily view and comment on Site Photos in order to track progress.

Site Diary

Site Diary — Automation and Innovation. Capture all the days activities in a single click with almost no data entry. Our site diary capabilities completely syncs the entire site management board to automate your site diary and keep you focused on what matters the most and that’s building. Our site diary technology will sync all inductions, equipment’s inducted, injuries, SWMS, incidents, observations and all other boards for each day and provide a summary of each entry. Any meetings and inspections that have been created or completed for the day will also sync in your diary to completely automate the entire process.

Site diary software for the construction industry


Bulletins — For all your site announcements, whether to specific organisations, mail groups or everyone onsite, Plexa has you covered. Seamlessly create new bulletins and manage all in one place.

Meetings & Inspections

Proactively stay ahead with Plexa’s meetings and inspection board by organising, managing, following up and closing out meeting minutes and agendas. With our innovative meeting and inspection feature, construction professionals can now easily organise, schedule, and manage meetings and inspections, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient project oversight.

Forms (Digitizing Construction Forms)

Simplicity, digital, ultra-efficient and all in one place. Plexa’s tech innovation in digitising Forms is ground-breaking for the construction industry. Our Forms feature is digitalise all forms for a Head Contractor. Create, edit, fill in and save all your forms in one place that is completely synced with the entire Plexa Site Safety & Quality Management board. With Plexa’s forms feature, your site management team will never be tied to hardcopies and scanners, anywhere onsite you can access our forms base to see all your organisational forms, fill in and attach to any where in our site management board effortlessly and seamlessly. From pre-task plans, equipment inspections, IMS forms, quality checklists or general site inspection and attendance rosters, our forms tool offers you the flexibility to access what you need, when you need it.

Real-Time Data Reporting and Metrics

Executives thru to Site Engineers and Project Managers and clients can easily generate rich and interactive reporting with a single click. Imagine one dashboard that showcases all your Site Progress, Safety, Progress, Diary, Meetings and Quality Progress in the one single view. That’s innovation.

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