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Construction Documents Managed via workflow
  1. Introduction to Plexa

Construction of all value and scale is complex, effective document control is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. With multiple stakeholders involved, from architects and engineers to contractors and owners, the flow of documents like shop drawings, contracts, and permits can become a logistical nightmare. This paper aims to introduce you to Plexa's Document Control Workflow Software module, a revolutionary tool designed to streamline this complex process and add unprecedented value to your construction projects.

  1. The Importance of Document Control in Construction

Before diving into the specifics of Plexa, it's crucial to understand the role of document control in construction. Document control ensures that:

  • All stakeholders have access to the most current information
  • Changes are tracked and communicated in real-time
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations is maintained
  • Project timelines are met, avoiding costly delays
  1. What is Plexa's Document Control Workflow Capability?

Plexa's Document Control Workflow is a cloud-based software module designed to manage the lifecycle of construction documents. It allows for:

  • Uploading new versions of documents like shop drawings, architectural plans etc
  • Initiating workflows for review, markup, and approval
  • Real-time collaboration among all parties involved
  • Secure storage and easy retrieval of documents
Document Workflow Software Innovation
  1. Features and Functionalities

4.1 Version Control

Version control ensures that everyone is working with the most up-to-date documents, reducing the risk of costly errors and delays.

Example 1: Shop Drawing Revisions

In a high-rise construction project, the structural engineer made critical changes to the rebar layout in the shop drawings. With Plexa's version control, the updated drawings were immediately flagged, ensuring that the construction team halted work until they reviewed the new layout.

Example 2: Contract Amendments

During a commercial building project, the owner decided to upgrade the HVAC system, requiring changes to the contract. Plexa's version control ensured that all stakeholders were working off the updated contract, avoiding disputes and potential legal issues later.

4.2 Workflow Automation

Automate the routing of documents to the appropriate parties for review and approval, saving time and reducing manual errors.

Example 1: Permit Approvals

For a residential construction project, various permits needed approval from the city council. Plexa's workflow automation routed the permit applications to the correct departments, speeding up the approval process by 30%.

Example 2: Quality Checks

In a hospital construction project, multiple quality checks were required for the installation of medical gas pipelines. Plexa's workflow automation ensured that after each installation phase, the documents were automatically sent to the quality control team, expediting the review process.

4.3 Real-time Notifications

Receive instant updates when a document is modified, commented on, or approved, keeping everyone in the loop.

Example 1: Immediate RFI Responses

During the construction of a sports stadium, an RFI (Request for Information) was raised about the material specifications for the seats. Plexa's real-time notifications enabled the project manager to respond within hours, avoiding potential delays.

Example 2: Change Order Approvals

In a road construction project, a change order was issued to modify the type of asphalt used. Plexa's real-time notifications ensured that the procurement team was instantly alerted, allowing them to adjust orders with suppliers in a timely manner.

4.4 Compliance Tracking

Ensure all documents meet industry standards and regulations with built-in compliance checks.

Example 1: ADA Compliance

While constructing a public library, Plexa's compliance tracking flagged that the initial designs did not meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. This early detection allowed for quick revisions, avoiding costly retrofits after construction.

Example 2: Environmental Regulations

In a coastal resort project, Plexa's compliance tracking ensured that all construction methods and materials were in line with environmental regulations, helping the project avoid potential fines and legal actions.

These real-world examples demonstrate how each feature of Plexa's Document Control Workflow can be applied to various scenarios, providing tangible benefits and mitigating risks.

  1. How Plexa Adds Value

5.1 Cost Savings

Plexa's Document Control Workflow is designed to not only streamline your operations but also significantly reduce costs in multiple ways.

Labor Cost Reduction

Traditional document management often involves manual sorting, routing, and tracking, which can be labor-intensive. Plexa automates these processes, reducing the man-hours required for document control. This leads to substantial savings on labor costs.

Example 1: Man-hour Savings in a Commercial Building Project

In a typical commercial building project, it was found that project managers spent approximately 20 hours a week just on document management. After implementing Plexa, this time was reduced to just 5 hours a week, translating to a 75% reduction in labor costs allocated for document management.

Example 2: Reduced Administrative Staff Requirements

A large infrastructure project initially required a team of 5 full-time administrative staff to manage document workflows. With Plexa's automated system, the project only needed 2 administrative staff, resulting in significant cost savings.

Ensuring the Right Outcome and Reducing Costs

One of the hidden costs in construction projects is the cost of rework due to errors or miscommunication. Working on incorrect or outdated information can lead to mistakes that are expensive to correct.

Plexa ensures that everyone is working off the most current and approved documents, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly errors. This ensures that the project not only meets its quality standards but also stays within budget.

Example 1: Avoiding Rework in a Residential Project

In a residential construction project, an outdated floor plan was almost used, which would have resulted in the wrong placement of electrical outlets. Plexa's real-time notifications and version control ensured that the team used the updated plans, avoiding a costly rework.

Example 2: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance to Avoid Fines

In a commercial construction project, failure to meet fire safety regulations would have resulted in hefty fines and delays. Plexa's compliance tracking feature flagged the non-compliance early in the project, allowing for corrective action that ultimately saved money.

By ensuring that the right outcomes are being worked on, Plexa not only improves the quality of the project but also contributes to significant cost savings.

5.2 Risk Mitigation

With automated compliance checks and real-time updates, Plexa minimizes the risk of costly errors and omissions.

5.3 Enhanced Collaboration

Plexa fosters a collaborative environment by making it easy for all stakeholders to contribute to the document review process.

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