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Plexa's co-founders envisioned a software that goes beyond conventional the symbiotic relationship between General Contractors (GCs) and Subcontractors. Part of the vision was to build the best Construction Finance software ever seen, incorporates cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize the way construction finances are managed.

Driven by a user-centric philosophy, Plexa was built to be more than just a software, it's a partner in the success of construction projects. The co-founders prioritized an interface that is not only powerful but also intuitive, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with intricate billing processes can harness Plexa's capabilities effortlessly. If you're a Project Finance Manager or Contracts Administrator we have you covered?


This detailed exploration unveils Plexa's non-exhaustive capabilities in setting subcontracts, managing invoices, claims, retention, approvals, workflows, and more. By providing a holistic solution, Plexa transforms the intricate process of construction management into a collaborative, efficient, and transparent endeavour.

Manage All Subcontracts for all Contractors Easily

Setting Subcontracts & Progress Claims Schedules:

1. Subcontract Generation:
  Plexa facilitates the swift creation of detailed subcontracts, automating the generation process to minimize manual errors and ensure consistency. Setup the progress claim schedules for your contractors to bill against for the ultimate in visibility tracking.

2. Customizable Templates:
  Tailor contracts to the unique needs of each project with customizable templates, accommodating variations in cost code, retention values, scope, terms, and billing structures.

3. Real-time Collaboration:
  Foster collaboration between General Contractors and Subcontractors by providing a centralized platform for real-time document sharing, negotiation, and revisions.

Construction Project Software for Builders, General Contractors & Contractors

Simple Invoicing:

1. Adaptable Billing Methods:
  Plexa caters to various billing methods, including time and materials, fixed-price, or milestone-based, ensuring flexibility to suit the diverse needs of construction projects.

2. Automated Invoicing Cycles:
  Streamline the invoicing process with automated cycles, allowing for timely and accurate generation of invoices, reducing delays and improving cash flow.

3. Detailed Financial Reporting:
  Plexa offers robust financial reporting tools, project cost reports, providing insights into project financials, payment statuses, and outstanding balances for informed decision-making.

Claims Management:

Construction Invoice & Claims Software

1. Structured Claims Documentation:
  Plexa provides a systematic approach to claims management, allowing both Builders (General Contractors) to document and resolve claims efficiently, fostering clear communication and dispute resolution.

2. Audit Trails:
  Maintain detailed audit trails of claims processes, providing a comprehensive historical record that supports transparency and accountability.

Retention Tracking:

1. Automated Retention Processes:
  Plexa automates the tracking of retention amounts, ensuring compliance with contractual agreements and reducing administrative burdens on both General Contractors and Subcontractors.

2. Integrated Retention Reporting:
  Access real-time retention reports, facilitating an instant overview of retained amounts and supporting strategic financial planning.

Efficient Approvals Workflow:

1. Automated Approval Processes:
  Streamline approval workflows for change orders, project modifications, and other critical decisions, minimizing delays and enhancing overall project efficiency.

User Permissions and Notifications:

Plexa's permission settings and notification features ensure that the right individuals are involved in the approval process, preventing bottlenecks and expediting decision-making.

Dynamic Workflows:

1. Customizable Workflow Templates:
  Tailor workflows to the unique needs of each project, providing flexibility and adaptability to the evolving nature of construction projects.

2. Task Assignment and Tracking:
  Assign tasks seamlessly within workflows, and track their progress in real-time, promoting accountability and project momentum.

Variations Management:

1. Automated Variation Processes:
Plexa simplifies variations management, automating processes related to project changes, ensuring accurate documentation, and providing a clear audit trail.

2. Cost Tracking and Reporting:
Easily track and report on the financial impact of variations, allowing GCs and Subcontractors to manage costs effectively and maintain project profitability.

RCTI Capabilities (Recipient Created Tax Invoices):

1.  RCTI Generation:
Plexa streamlines the creation of Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTIs), automating the process to ensure accuracy and compliance. General Contractors and Builders can create Invoices, Claims and Variations on behalf off subcontractors.

2. Real-time Tax Reporting:
Access real-time tax reports to facilitate compliance with tax regulations, providing a comprehensive overview of RCTI transactions.

User-Friendly Interface:

1. Intuitive Navigation:
  Plexa boasts an intuitive interface that caters to users of varying skill levels, ensuring that both General Contractors and Subcontractors can maximize the software's capabilities without a steep learning curve.

2. Responsive Design:
  Access Plexa from various devices, promoting accessibility and allowing stakeholders to stay connected and informed, whether on-site or in the office.

Integration with Xero:

Integration With Xero from Plexa

1. Seamless Financial Integration:

Plexa prides itself on seamless integration with Xero, a leading accounting software. This integration ensures that financial data, including invoicing, expenses, and financial reports, seamlessly flows between Plexa and Xero.

2. Automated Data Synchronization:

Enjoy the benefits of automated data synchronization between Plexa and Xero, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors in financial records.

3. Invoice-to-Payment Workflow:

With the Plexa-Xero integration, the invoice-to-payment workflow is streamlined. Generate invoices in Xero from Plexa and watch as they effortlessly sync with Xero, providing a cohesive financial ecosystem.

Plexa's Construction Management Software redefines the collaborative landscape between General Contractors and Subcontractors. By seamlessly integrating functionalities for setting subcontracts, managing invoices, claims, retention, approvals, and workflows, Plexa serves as the linchpin in the end-to-end construction management process. As a transformative force in the industry, Plexa elevates project outcomes, fosters transparency, and empowers stakeholders at every stage of construction endeavors.

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