Construction Submittal Software

Looking for software to manage your construction submittals? Implementing Construction Submittal Software is imperative for companies aiming to ensure on-time and on-quality delivery of any mid-large construction projects. This software streamlines the traditionally manual submission, review, and tracking processes, boosting productivity across project teams.

It facilitates seamless communication and coordination among stakeholders, reducing errors and misunderstandings. Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards, submittal software minimizes the risk of costly delays. With robust document control features, it manages revisions and updates, preventing the use of outdated information.

The automation of submittal processes translates into significant time and cost savings, allowing teams to focus on core project activities. Providing transparency into submission status, approvals, and rejections, the software enhances accountability and mitigates risks associated with errors and disputes.

Acting as a centralized platform for communication, submittal software fosters collaboration and reduces miscommunication among project stakeholders. Access to real-time data and comprehensive reporting empowers decision-makers, contributing to informed choices and project success.

Here are use cases where Plexa's software can assist?

1: Material Approvals:

Submitting and managing approvals for materials, ensuring compliance with project specifications and regulatory standards.

2: Shop Drawings Review:

Collaboratively reviewing and approving shop drawings, facilitating coordination among architects, engineers, and contractors.

3: Product Data Submissions:

Managing the submission and approval process for product data, including specifications, performance data, and compliance documentation.

4: Sample Testing Coordination:

Coordinating the submission and testing of material samples, ensuring they meet quality and performance requirements.

5: Document Revision Tracking:

Tracking and managing revisions to construction documents, preventing errors and discrepancies during the building process.

6: Communication on Design Changes:

Communicating design changes through electronic submittals, maintaining accurate and up-to-date project documentation.

7: Regulatory Compliance:

Ensuring compliance with local building codes and regulations by efficiently submitting required documents to regulatory authorities.

8: RFI Resolution:

Linking RFIs to relevant submittals, streamlining the resolution process by providing a clear connection between questions and submitted documents.

9: Contractor-Subcontractor Collaboration:

Facilitating collaboration between contractors and subcontractors by centralizing the submission and approval of construction documents.

10: Progress Reporting:

Providing real-time progress reports on submittal status, enhancing transparency and accountability across the project team.

Construction Submittal Software

Let's talk about Plexa's benefits:

Submittal Review Efficiency with Dynamic Workflows:

Imagine a construction management software that not only streamlines processes but also adapts to the unique needs of your projects. Plexa's submittal/workflow technology empowers you by allowing the creation of templates on workflows. No more rigid structures – enjoy the flexibility to tailor workflows to your project's specific requirements.

Creating Workflows from Anywhere:

One standout feature? The ability to create work flows from anywhere within the Plexa Platform. This innovative approach saves valuable time and minimises the risk of errors by seamlessly integrating the entire Platform to allow you to create and manage workflows to keep you ahead and focused on what really matters. Whether it's documents, ATL’s, finance, emails, budgeting, tendering, SWMS, Permits, Site or Quality Manage mentor any other aspect of construction management, our software ensures a seamless transition to workflow.

Breaking Away from the Old andEmbracing the New:

Out with the old and in with the new! The construction industry deserves software that matches its dynamic nature. Our solution is not just modern; it's fast and efficient, perfectly aligning with the pace of the construction industry.

Key Features that Set Us Apart:

Flexibility and Customisation:

Our construction management software empowers users to create and modify workflows according to the unique demands of each project. This adaptability ensures that the software grows along side your business, accommodating changes in processes and requirements.

Seamless Integration:

The ability to create workflows directly from documents fosters seamless integration between document management and project workflows. No more manual data entry – reduce errors and enhance overall project efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface:

Say goodbye to clunky interfaces! Our software boasts a user-friendly design, ensuring that users of all technical levels can easily harness its full potential. Simplicity without sacrificing sophistication!

Real-Time Collaboration:

Foster collaboration among project teams with real-time access to workflows. Our software ensures that all stakeholders stay on the same page, promoting transparency and reducing communication bottlenecks.

Would you like a demo?

In a field where time, precision, and adaptability are critical, our construction management software stands as a beacon of innovation. By combining dynamic workflows with modern design and efficiency, we are redefining how construction projects are managed. Embrace the future of construction management with a software solution that adapts to your needs – fast, efficient, and always ahead of the curve. Experience the difference with our construction submittal software, submittal management software, and submittal software – because your projects deserve nothing less than the cutting edge!

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