Best Invoicing Software for Contractors

As a contractor navigating the fast paced landscape of construction projects, you're no stranger to the juggling act of managing financials, progress claims, variations and all the other mundance tasks of trying to get paid for work performed. Coordinating with different people on many projects like Project Managers and Contract Administrator to ensure you get paid is also time consuming, the last thing you need is the added complexity of manual and inefficient invoicing processes.

Finding the right invoicing software can be a game-changer. This article explores the ins and outs of why contractors need specialized invoicing software, the challenges they face without them, and how the right software, like Plexa, can revolutionize the financial aspect of builder to contractor invoice management.

A Closer Look at Agreements, Cost Codes, Progress Claims, and Variations

For subcontractors, the complexity of managing agreements, cost codes, progress claims, and variations can often feel like threading a needle. Plexa, understanding these challenges intimately, offers robust features designed to simplify and enhance these crucial aspects of subcontracting.

Streamlining Subcontractor Agreements:

Effortless Contractor Agreement Setup:

Plexa transforms the cumbersome task of setting up subcontractor agreements into a streamlined process. Subcontractors, like Jane, benefit from an intuitive interface that allows them to input project scope, deliverables, and timelines effortlessly.

Organizing Invoices and Cost Reporting:

Plexa's efficient cost code management brings order to project finances for subcontractors like David. The platform enables users to set up and organize cost codes, providing a detailed breakdown of project expenses.

Expense Control: With Plexa, subcontractors can keep a tight rein on project expenses. The clarity provided by the cost code management feature ensures accurate invoicing, contributing to better financial control.

Seamless Progress Claims:

Effortless Claim Generation:

Plexa simplifies the process of generating and submitting progress claims. Subcontractors, such as Sarah in the plumbing industry, can effortlessly create claims that provide a transparent overview of completed work and associated costs.

Accelerated Payments: The progress claims feature expedites the payment process for contractors across all trades. Plexa ensures that submissions are accurate, boosting cash flow and facilitating financial confidence.


Plexa's variation management feature simplifies the process of documenting and managing variations. For subcontractors like Mark in painting, the platform ensures that changes to the project scope are captured accurately.

Transparent Evolution: Projects evolve, and Plexa's variation management maintains transparency throughout. This feature becomes a strategic asset for subcontractors, facilitating adaptability without the headaches associated with changes.

Transforming Invoicing for Builders and General Contractors

In construction, precision, efficiency, and timely communication are non-negotiable for builders and general contractors (GCs). Plexa, a cutting-edge invoicing software, steps into this arena with a suite of features designed to address the unique challenges faced by builders and GCs. Let's embark on a detailed exploration of Plexa's standout features, emphasizing how each one is tailored to solve specific invoicing challenges and exploring real-world testimonials that underscore its credibility.

The best construction invoicing software for contractors

1. Automated Invoicing for Time-Efficient Operations:

One of Plexa's standout features lies in its ability to automate the invoicing process, transforming what was once a time-consuming task into a seamless operation. Builders and GCs can bid farewell to manual entry hassles, as Plexa automates the creation and delivery of invoices. This not only saves precious time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring that invoices are accurate and delivered promptly.

2. Customizable Workflows for Invoice Approvals against Contractor Agreements:

Recognizing the importance of managing invoices, Plexa offers customizable invoice approval workflows. Builders and GCs can tailor the flow of their approval and $ amount limits to suit their processes. Contractors can also see in real-time where their invoices are in the process.

3. Tracking and Managing Project Costs in Real-Time:

Builders and GCs often grapple with the challenge of tracking project costs accurately. Plexa simplifies this process by providing real-time tracking and management of project costs. From materials and labor to unexpected expenses, this feature allows for a comprehensive overview of financial aspects, enabling proactive decision-making and budget control.

Plexa's also caters for managing adhoc supplier invoices which need to be tracked. For example, these are supplier receipts an invoices tracked:

- Skip /Waste Bin Rentals

- Tool Purchases

- Equipment Rentals

- Temporary Labor Expenses

- Miscellaneous Supplies

4. Integration with Accounting Systems:

To further streamline financial workflows, Plexa seamlessly integrates with various accounting systems such as Xero and Sage. This feature ensures that invoicing data seamlessly flows into accounting software, reducing the likelihood of data entry errors and promoting a cohesive financial ecosystem.

Integration scenario's including sending a PDF invoice from Plexa to your accounting system and creating the relevant records to create full-transparency.

5. Real-Time Collaboration for Enhanced Communication:

Clear communication is the backbone of successful construction projects. Plexa facilitates real-time collaboration by allowing builders, GCs, and clients to access and review invoices collaboratively. This fosters transparent communication, reduces misunderstandings, and accelerates the approval process.

Testimonial: Tom, a project contracts administrator, highlights, "Plexa's collaboration feature has made communication with our subbies smoother. We can discuss invoices and make necessary adjustments in real-time, avoiding delays."

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