Construction Document Control Software

Construction projects are a labyrinth of thousands of moving of parts, documentation, contracts, and drawings. The importance of effectively managing this information can't be overstated, as even minor oversights can lead to costly delays or legal disputes. Enter Construction Document Control Software, the modern solution to keeping your project's information organized, accessible, and secure. This guide will delve into the why, features, how-to-use, and benefits of these vital systems.


  1. What is Construction Document Control Software?
  2. Why is Document Control Crucial in Construction?
  3. Features of Document Control Software
  4. How to Use Document Control Software
  5. Benefits and Advantages

1. What is Construction Document Control Software?

Construction Document Control Software is a specialized solution designed for the construction industry to manage, store, and distribute documents and project-related data. It acts as a centralized repository where drawings, contracts, specifications, and other critical documents can be stored and easily accessed by relevant stakeholders. There is a number of solutions available and the newest most innovative is Plexa.

2. Why is Document Control Crucial in Construction?


Example 1: Building Codes
A construction project must adhere to numerous building codes and regulations. Inadequate control over documents like safety protocols and design blueprints could result in non-compliance, leading to penalties or even project shutdowns.
Example 2: Environmental Regulations
Failure to properly document and adhere to environmental guidelines can lead to hefty fines. For instance, without accurate records of waste disposal practices, you may be unable to prove compliance with environmental standards.


Example 1: Change Orders
Change orders often require approvals from multiple parties. Without proper document control, it's easy to lose track of who approved what and when, potentially leading to disputes or delays.
Example 2: Subcontractor Agreements
Subcontractor work scopes and schedules are typically documented. Inconsistent versions of these documents can cause misunderstandings about roles, timelines, and responsibilities, ultimately affecting project outcomes.


Example 1: Quick Information Retrieval
In large projects, teams often need quick access to various documents like construction drawings or materials lists. Document control software allows for rapid retrieval, saving countless hours over the course of a project.
Example 2: Streamlined Approvals
Modern document control software often includes digital signature capabilities, making it easier to secure approvals without the delays associated with physical paperwork or disjointed digital files.

3. Features of Document Control Software

3.1 Document Management

Plexa Construction Document Control Softwar

What It Is:

Document management allows you to store all your project's essential documents in a centralized location. This repository often supports various file formats including PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and CAD drawings.


  • Construction Blueprints: Store digital versions of all construction blueprints, easily accessible to anyone who needs them.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Keep all contractual documents in one place, so they can be referenced or amended as needed.

Why It's Crucial:

Centralizing all project-related documents reduces the time needed to search for files and ensures that everyone is working from the same, most up-to-date data.

3.2 Version Control

Construction Documents Version Control Software

What It Is:

Version control allows you to keep track of all changes made to a document. Each time a change is made, the software saves a new version while retaining the older versions for reference.


  • Revised Budgets: If a project's budget changes, version control enables you to revert to earlier versions to compare or analyze discrepancies.
  • Updated Project Timelines: If project deadlines shift, team members can look back at previous versions to assess the impact on the schedule.

Why It's Crucial:

Version control is essential for accountability and provides a safety net, making it possible to revert to earlier document states if something goes awry.

3.3 Access Control

Confidential (Permissions based) Document Control

What It Is:

Access control ensures that only authorized individuals can view, edit, or distribute documents. Permission levels can often be customized to suit the needs of different team roles.


  • Confidential Contracts: Limit access to sensitive contracts to only legal teams and senior management.
  • Safety Protocols: Make sure that safety protocols are accessible to everyone on the site, but only editable by safety officers.

Why It's Crucial:

Improper access can lead to information leaks or unauthorized changes, both of which could be detrimental to the project's success. Access control safeguards against these risks.

3.4 Real-time Collaboration

Construction Document Control Mobile App

3.5 Transmittals and Submittals

Document Submittals and Transmittals

What It Is:

Transmittals and submittals refer to the formalized process of submitting and approving various documents like product data, samples, and shop drawings. This feature allows for a streamlined and standardized way of handling these key elements.


  • Material Submittals: Easily submit a list of materials that will be used on the project, complete with technical data sheets for approval.
  • RFIs (Requests for Information): Use the transmittals feature to formally request and receive further information required for the project.

Why It's Crucial:

Managing transmittals and submittals efficiently is key to ensuring that the right materials arrive on time and meet the project’s quality standards. A mishandled submittal could lead to costly delays and rework.

3.6 Document Workflow

Plexa Document Workflow Software for Construction

What It Is:

The document workflow feature allows you to set predefined steps a document must go through for approval, revisions, or dissemination. It automates the routing of documents to the appropriate stakeholders based on set criteria.


  • Design Approvals: Automate the workflow so that design documents go directly from the drafter to the engineers and finally to the project manager for approval.
  • Invoice Approvals: Set up a workflow for shop drawing to be automatically routed from architects or designers to the assigned subcontractor trades, and then to project managers for final approval.

Why It's Crucial:

Automating document workflows not only increases efficiency but also ensures that each document goes through the necessary checks and balances. This reduces the chance of errors or omissions that could jeopardize the project.

4. How to Use Plexa's Document Control Software

Step 1: Setup and Onboarding

  • Familiarize your team with the system and establish guidelines for its use.

Step 2: Document Upload

  • Upload all existing project documents into the software.

Step 3: Access Control

  • Assign roles and permissions based on the team's responsibilities.

Step 4: Collaboration

  • Use the platform's tools to annotate, comment, and make changes in real-time.

Step 5: Version Control

  • Ensure all changes are tracked and can be reverted if necessary.

Step 6: Compliance Check

  • Use the system's reporting tools to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. For example a Document Register or Transmittal register.

5. Benefits and Advantages

Cost Savings

  • Eliminates the need for paper-based systems, saving both time and money.


  • Advanced security protocols keep sensitive documents safe from unauthorized access.


  • As your project grows, the software can easily adapt, preventing the need for multiple disparate systems.


  • Centralized documentation means everyone from management to subcontractors can stay informed, fostering a more transparent project environment.

Document control in construction is far from a bureaucratic formality—it's a critical component for the successful completion of any project. Construction Document Control Software such as Plexa is an essential tool for modern construction management, offering a plethora of benefits from increased efficiency and accountability to enhanced security and compliance.

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